Blue previews on lightroom CC and mobile

So I have just upgraded to NLP. My workflow is that I would import negatives from my scanner to my laptop directly into lightroom classic. Then it would sync with my lightroom CC and mobile. I have just started DSLR scanning with my Canon R6mkii and in terms of using it on Classic it works flawlessly. But when I open up the pictures on lightroom cc or mobile, all the previews are extremely blue, and not a switch to auto warmth blue, like the preview is choosing the adobe default color profiles. It is not until I actually click into a singular photo and try to edit it do I see the photo in the correct profile. To sum it up, previews in grid form default to adobe profiles and not NLP profiles.

Here is what the top left picture looks like when you click into it.

This is discussed elsewhere on the forum:

SOLVED: Synced images not displaying correctly on LR CC Mobile and Shared Libraries

tl;dr - Lightroom Mobile and Lightroom Desktop (non-classic) need to have access to the Negative Lab Pro raw camera profile (.dcp file) for the camera model in order for the RAW to display correctly.