Can't convert negative in Lightroom Classic

Hi I just recently downloaded Negative lab onto my computer and tried to convert my first image. Using SilverFast8, I downloaded a DNG and imported it into Lightroom. I go to the plug-in and try to convert to where I get an error message. The message gets cuts off but here is what is says,
ERROR: Could not write photo for analysis.
Plug-in Folder: C:\Program Files\NegativeLabPro.lrplugin
If problem persists, it may be a folder permission issue. this can usually be-

That is all I can read because it just gets cut off by the window for some reason. I tried deleting the plugin and deleting the presets in Lightroom, (which I also am having trouble to re-import) and uninstalling Lightroom. I restarted the computer and redid the installation of Lightroom and Negative Lab Pro. Still have the same error message popping up.

I have the plugin in my C:\Program Files

@Desmond, the plugin needs to be in a folder to which your user account has full access.

Read more about it here:

Thanks! This probably is the issue but I cannot, for the life of me, find the plug-ins folder.

C:\Plugins does not exist, unless you create it.
Open Explorer, select C: and add a new folder, e.g. with a right-click.

From the Guide:

Next, copy the “NegativeLabPro.lrplugin” folder into a folder 
that is on your root hard drive. I strongly recommend something 
like C:\Plugins – the placement of this matters because 
of the way folder permissions work in Windows. 
Do NOT try to place this inside an existing Lightroom app folder. 
Placing this folder into C:\Plugins will 
eliminate 90% of installation issues.

The guide simply assumes that everyone knows how to create a new directory…

Okay so I just need to make one.

How do I create one of those? Is it just a new folder or is it something I would need to allow specific permissions?

Nevermind I figured it out thanks for the advice!

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What did you do?? I created a plugin folder on my C drive (where windows boots from) and gave full permissions and I’m still getting this same error!