Cant edit or unconvert converted pictures

Sometimes afte a batch conversion, when I open up the negative lab pro plugin, I am prompted with the option to convert the negatives. though they are allready converted. I cannot edit them, or reset them.
It’s particularly enoying, since when I reset the images via Lightroom, I have to crop each one of them again…

Hi @DOS9570 ,

Hmm, that shouldn’t happen.

Can you walk me through more specifically the exact steps I could to try to recreate this error?

For instance:

  1. Import fresh set of negatives
  2. Select all the negatives
  3. Open Negative Lab Pro and convert the negatives.
  4. Hit “apply” to close out Negative Lab Pro
  5. Unselect the group of negatives (Command + D) and select a single negative.
  6. Open Negative Lab Pro on that single negative

The more detail you can provide the better!


To be honest I can’t.
It happens from time to time, but it’s hard to predict.