Unable to unconvert some negatives (latest v 2.3 beta)

Hi there

I’d like to unconvert and reconvert a few images, but for some reason Negative Lab Pro doesn’t recognise a few of them as negatives and the unconvert option isn’t available for some (only happens for a small number of negatives - the majority work have the unconvert otpion).

They have definitely already been converted - I can see it in the develop history.

Just wondering what the cause could be?



A beta is a beta - and it might help to determine the cause of your issues if you make a few images, that don’t work, available for us to test. Put the raw files on a sharing platform and post the link…

Understand that samples would make it easier, but these photos are of other people who prefer not to have them posted online.

Really just after troubleshooting ideas if others have experienced similar issues (not that it’s a deal-breaker anyway - I can save as a tif and edit, but it is odd behaviour so would prefer to understand why it is happening).

Have you tried to unconvert them with an older version of DPL?

You might want to remove the files from Lightroom, optimize the catalog, quit Lr, delete .xmp sidecars from the files and then treat them as new files…

Was able to reconvert if I effectively started again by removing develop history.

Given I’m near the end of digitising my negatives I decided not to spend too much more time troubleshooting this and converted the negatives to positives and completed my edits on the positives.

Looking to wrap it up this week and will be selling my Nikon ES-2, Kaiser Plano etc.

It’s been good seeing the old photos come to life but I am glad this laborious process is nearly done!