Can't process more than one image in V3

Hi all,
When I try to convert more than a single negative scan, I get this error:

bad argument #1 to 'pairs' (table expected, got nil)

I am using LR Classic 12.4 on macOS with NLP 3.0.2.

Hoping someone can help me out. I’ve tried reinstalling both lightroom and the plugin.

Well, I downgraded to NLP 2, and it works. I guess I will stick with the old version until there’s a solution…

I kind of meet the same issue. Selec ting several images all I can get in terms of “by lot” is the border buffer: any adjustment like Exposure, Brightness, Contrast, etc works only on the first image of the lot.

As a general point I also find V3 slightly slower than V2

Hi @henryyjjames

Thanks for letting me know. I’m looking into this.

Out of curiosity, do you recall if you go this error when trying to reconvert previous photos, or did this happen on fresh negatives which had never been converted before?

I still haven’t been able to replicate this issue, so any more details you can provide on the exact steps you took would be really helpful!

Hi @Condo ,

What you are describing is the expected behavior. All of the pre-conversion settings will be applied to all the images you have selected. But any editing of the settings on converted negatives will only happen on the primary selected negative. If you want to bring over your new exposure, brightness, contrast, etc over to the rest of the images, that is what the “sync” function is for.

If you are finding it slow, make sure you are in the “Develop” module. It will run in the “Library” module, but it will be considerably slower (because it is using a different part of the Lightroom API.

In general, the startup time for Negative Lab Pro will be just a bit longer (because it is now loading presets and roll history), but once a session has started, it should be as fast as v2.


As always, thank you for you prompt answer Nate! :smiley: I’ll try that