Coloured Noise and dusts in film scans (Opticfilm 8200i + Vuescan / Silverfast)


I got into film scanning and I am currently using Opticfilm 8200i (for it’s infrared dust removing feature) alongside Negative Lab Pro processing in Lightroom. I current am running into a small problem:

With Silverfast’s scan, no matter what format I export in) it produces undesired coloured grain.

With Vuescan’s, I don’t get that at all. However the dust removal feature isn’t really that great and leaves much to be desired.

I added the illustrated problem below:

Has anyone encountered this problem before? Anything helps! I didn’t know which category to pick since it’s an dilemma for both softwares. I am still trying out a pipeline for myself at the moment so apologies for the vagueness.