Different results in LR6 and LR9?

I have been trying NLP in different versions of Lightroom: 6.5, 6.14, 7.3, 7.5, 8.2, 8.4, 9.0
with scans of an Epson V700 with Vuescan.
The reason for this is that I am a BSD and Linux user, so I can run LR on Win10 inside Virtualbox instances on Linux or FreeBSD, which is totally fine with many cores and plenty of ram, yet if possible, I prefer to run on Wine emulation. But Wine implementations of Windows can be tricky, so I needed to compare different versions of LR in native Win10 and on Wine to find out what works.

In doing so, I noticed that (same in Windows or on Wine), NLP produces different results depending the LR version.

I did use the latest NLP 2.1.2, default color model setting but with 0% margins crop (crop done before). And of course I did ensure the plugin is corrected installed and loaded.
The scans are Vuescan raw files in DNG format, done as per instructed by NLP doc.

one thing: LR6 doesn’t have the camera profile option on the top “Basic” menu of the Develop module like LR from 7.3, but instead an option in the “Camera Calibration” bottom menu.
As i have never used LR before I don’t know what to expect, but in my installation of LR6 , there’s no other option than the default “Embedded”.

on LR9 the “Negative Lap Pro 2.1” camera profile is clearly shown in the “Basic” menu.
So maybe there’s some non obvious setting in LR6, and the results differ because in fact NLP profile doesn’t load. I tried deleting all .dcp files excepted the one needed ie. Vuescan V700 provided by NLP, but no difference.

I have used some problematic negatives on purpose


this one, taken against a rising sun (and which is out of focus because I didn’t check calibration of the camera…), is quite hard to salvage, color-wise.

in LR6:

in LR9:

this one, no exposure problem, but it has a lot of green which does set off others inversion routines (in Gimp, ColorPerfect and other PS actions).

in LR6:

in LR9:

this one is a late evening sun setting down back the buildings

in LR6:

in LR9:

this one, the setting sun is reflecting on the golden wings and parts of the sculptures

in LR6:

in LR9:

The results in LR9 are clearly better. (in fact these LR6 results are the same until LR 7.3, and from LR 7.5 it’s like LR9)
i am wondering if it is related a configuration that must be set in LR6, but INLP docs tells nothing about.

Here are the scans uses, Epson V700 4200dpi, 48-bit transparency as image, saved as raw in DNG format, 272mb to 512mb:

Yep, they are just in different places. In LR Classic 9, the options for raw profiles are available at the top, and in LR 6, they were at the bottom.

If “embedded” is the only option on the camera profile in the LR6 calibration dropdown, it means that you haven’t correctly added the Negative Lab Pro camera profiles into the appropriate folder.

This is what is causing the differences you see.

You need to go back and make sure that the camera profiles have been added in the correct place for your LR 6.14 version, and then restart Lightroom, and then see if the “Negative Lab v2.1” profile is an available option. If it is not an available option, then something is still wrong with your setup.

Creator of Negative Lab Pro

well, today I have installed 6 versions of LR Classic on 2 sets of Win OSes, and well, I have found the cause now: I did always put the NLP profiles system wide into the program directory itself, ie.
c:/Program Files/Adobe/Adobe Lightroom (Classic)/Resources/Camera Profiles

and it appears that this doesn’t work with LR6 (nor LR up to 7.3 or 7.5 have to check again) but it works with LR8 and LR9.
So I have just now put the profiles into the windows user local setting as indeed your docs tell ie.
and now the NLP 2.1 profile show in “Camera Calibration” of LR6.

solved :slight_smile: