Direct Link to Alzo copy stand

I know a few here also use this copy stand I’ve been using for (in combination with the Raleno 192 panel) for about 2 1/2 years now very happily. I noticed it hasn’t been available on Amazon for some time and a friend of mine located this direct link to purchase. It is rather middle-of-the-road in quality, far better than the cheaper version, but not the build quality of the truly expensive ones. My only gripe about it is that the teeth in the rail are made of plastic so could be prone to breaking/skipping - I always make sure to support the weight of the camera when making height adjustment and it’s always been just fine. Aside from the it’s pretty much turn-key for our scanning use. There are better DIY solutions many have used, but if this one has worked great for me for quite a long while now for a price that isn’t horrible to stomach. Cheers all.

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I’m using the same one, though from another brand. It’s OEM being resold whitelabel through various brands. E.g. the Falcon Eyes copystand kit appears to be using the same with added lights:

And mine came from the brand BIG. Solid table for the price, I recommend it as well.

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Excellent. Good info. It certainly feels a bit white label. :slight_smile: A decent solution though.