Copy Stand Recommendations

I have really grown dependent on this forum. Maybe co-dependent and if so I will seek appropriate Electroconvulsive therapy.

Is there a copy stand that is recommended for someone who wants something decent but isn’t a member of the Trump family?

I noticed an ALZO Copy Stand for about $150.00. Is something like that pretty awful?

I am wide open here. Thank you for any suggestions.


Search your local classifieds for an old darkroom enlarger that allows for the condenser head to be removed and use the base/column as your copy stand.

I live in a small remote area. There are not such things that I can find locally.


You could always build something simple as well. Here are some photos someone recently shared of their homemade copy stand on a Facebook digitizing group:

Those are great!!

Thanks. I like woodworking and making things like this.


This is sturdy and inexpensive. I mounted mine on a a laminated wood base 15" x 19", but MDF would work just as well. It uses a Manfrotto Super Clamp and a good ball head, but the plumbing pipe and floor flange are common items at hardware stores.


What is your copy stand made of (the base). Slate?

The base of mine is laminated wood that was the top of a small folding table, but a friend just made one using MDF, which should work just as well and is readily available. You need to be able to drill the 4 holes in it to bolt on the floor flange. The bolts protrude from the bottom of the base. To overcome this, I glued a couple of pieces of wood along the sides, but you can also just move the edge of the stand over the edge of the table you’re working on so the bolts don’t interfere.

Actually I meant the base with the square hole cut in it. The negative holder is sitting on it. It is a thick dark gray material.

I see now that it is “1/2 inch black foamcore with a 5x7 hole cut in the middle”


The black foamcore works well. It’s easy to cut, lies flat, raises the film off the light table and prevents flare from the light table.

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That looks like an excellent solution. Sturdy, practical and not that expensive. Nice work!

Thanks Jupes. I used 3/4 inch pipe (outside diameter 1 inch), but the Super Clamp will clamp onto sizes a bit larger as well. I originally tried to get 1 inch or 1.25 inch pipe thinking that the larger size would have less vibration, but this has not been an issue with the 3/4 inch pipe. The length of 36 inches is longer than it needs to be for scanning 35mm and 120 film, but is useful for photographing larger film or paper documents, especially if you’re using a longer macro lens such as 90 or 105mm.

I love the threaded pipe and flange with superclamp, great idea!

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Hi Guys…I’m a new kid on the block…but anyway photography is my business for more than 50 years, since 1970. I’m doing it now for my pleasure with at least 1 exhibition a year. Since I have a large stock of analog negatives (from 35 mmm to 4x5). Negative lab pro was a super revolution for me!
Now the facts: I use a sturdy kaiser RA 1 copy stand, as a light source I use the multiblitz color dia duplicator. Camera Canon full frame D 5 mark II with EOS macro 150.
My core business is black and white and I use neg lab pro with lightroom and ON1 for some minor adjustments. A2 Prints are no problem all.
I’m so glad I don’t need a scanner ! Thanks Neg.Lab Pro !