Disappearing settings

Hi guys,
I have a problem when I’m using NLP in diferent computers (maybe I’m doing something wrong, don’t know) but, when I’m developping in different computers, the settings are disappearing in the second one.
For example, I’m importing a new scans on LR in my laptop, then I’m using de recomended workflow to develop it and metadata. If I open the same catalog in my other computer when I’m oppening the control tools of the picture (cntr+N) apears the window appears as if it had not deveolped (

and the metadata disappears too.
What I’m doing wrong?

Thanks guys

How do you open “the same catalog”?

  • Do you copy the catalog and images to and fro?
  • Are they (catalog and folders) placed on a network volume?
  • Do you use sidecar files (default: not saved automatically)?

Your answers might help find the way…

Also check out this: Moving NLP-edited files between computers

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