DIY Diffusion box for speedlight/strobe (Looking for Advice)

Was wondering if anyone has built a diffusion box for a strobe/speedlight that allows for a compact footprint. Looking for design inspiration or advice from anyone who has tried something similar. Below is a crude design of what I am envisioning to make.

You’re really looking at recreating a colour enlarger mixing box which in the case of my Durst M605 uses expanded polystyrene tiles, or rather sections of it. In your diagram above I think you would need a piece at roughly 45º but to get complete eveness, you’d have to experiment, a curve might be better but you’d have to use a different material for that. I have also used an old school Hancocks A4 lightbox, the sort with special daylight fluorescent tubes. For that I masked off the perspex top except for the centre portion for the film holder and two apertures at either end for the old Nikon SB6xx/7xx flashguns pointing downwards on manual. I used a radio slave to fire one of them and the other had a built in receptor. The tubes were still in there and I used those for focusing. It worked well, easier to get even illumination with 2 flashes.

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Styrofoam is the key material here . Small Styrofoam cooler box might be all you need with flash light coming from the side or from the top. The main thing here is that light from a strobe should never hit the film gate directly - only as reflected , diffused light.

Check Peter de Smidts post at Large Format Photography forum, with photos and drawings.

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