"DX number" in NLP metadata

Hello! I’m new here.

I add metadata about equipment and film. Unfortunately, sometimes I don’t know the film brand / name. But I could still add the DX number to identify the film latter.

The DX number can be either:

  • XXX-XX (a 0 to 127 general numberfollowed by a 0 to 15 specific number), can be determined from reading the barcode on the developed roll.
  • YXXXXZ, a 6-digit number whose X can be computed from the previous number, Y is added by the manufacturer and Z shows the number of negatives per roll.

More information:

I would love to have a free “DX number” field in metadata. I think it’s important to guess the film name later when we didn’t shoot at the complete tool with the sprockets holes. In the meantime, I guess I’ll put it in “Gear Notes”.

Thank you!