Correlating the film frame number using Lightroom during scan

This might be answered in previous conversations but I haven’t been able to find it. Using NLP with Lightroom, is there a way to set the workflow whereby starting with the first frame of a 36 exposure roll of film, I can number the first frame as “01” and it will automatically count up through say “36”?

Lightroom can do this for you, and your presets can be stored as like „Replace _DSC with some text and number in sequence with leading 0“ or even „…with leading 0 and letter a at end of filename“. Weak point is that Lightroom can‘t start sequence numbering with 0, very annoying. This very image should be renamed manually.

Thanks Tom. So are you saying I can’t start with “0” but I can start with “01”?

Hi Mark, attached a screenshot for you. Sorry it is in German, but „Folgenummer“ is “number in sequence“. The blue framed input box shows how LR’s own placeholders and my data are composed. See the “Beispiel“ example above the input box:

  • User defined text – 20230114-KodakTrix400-
  • followed by a dash -
  • and the sequence number (of which the format can be chosen below)
  • all that followed by an A

And in the selectbox at the very top you can save your pattern.

There’s a small inconvenience, though: while format (01) is aiming at two-digit numbers, the resulting 011A does not really make sense. Thank you, Adobe. One now could choose format (1) here and run the preset a second time, for the first ten frames only—but now with an added 0 in the naming pattern. Sounds more difficult, however, than it actually is.

Thanks Tom I really appreciate it!

Just a warning: do the renaming after, not during the import. When import is done with the renaming option, the process messes up the order in which the renaming sequence number is assigned to the files. It’s a Lightroom bug that has returned lately after having been fixed in earlier versions.

My Lightroom Classic version is 12.4.

Thanks, I appreciate the heads up before spending hours trying to figure out what I did wrong. :wink:

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