Issue with renaming DNG file

Using LR Classic 10.1.1 and NLP v2.2.0, I imported and converted a scanned image in DNG format. I then realized that the name of the file was wrong. To change that, I removed the file from LR, renamed it and imported it back in. The converted image was displayed as before. Now going into NLP the previous conversion is not recognized. I cannot edit it, only convert it anew which, of course, makes a mess.

It’s not a huge problem as I’ll go back and rescan the negative. But it’s 700MB and took 30 minutes so more of an annoyance. Being DNG, I’d expect changes to be persisted. If I’d updated metadata in the DNG file before removing it, would that have made NLP recognized it’s conversion?

Thanks for a great product.

When you rename a file outside of Lightroom like you did, the Lightroom catalog has no idea that the renamed image has already been treated. If Lightroom is set to optimize the catalog on quit, it will also delete the orphaned treatment = Worst case. If the catalog was not optimized, there is a way back:
You could fix that in doing exactly the same steps and rename the file to its original name. Lightroom should then be able to reconnect the image to its treatment.

If you want to rename a file, do it in Lightroom’s Library view.

Thanks for the reply. I did rename the file back and imported. But no change. Actually I didn’t think to look in the metadata to change the file name. Now I know, thanks.

It wasn’t so much that NLP didn’t recognized that it was converted. It was more that I couldn’t get back the original negative scan.

Another option: Whenever I’m scanning new negatives I’ll create a new folder in Lightroom, and then that becomes the target folder in the scanning software. When complete, I right-click on the folder and select “Synchronize Folder” and that will import the new negatives. It’s a lot faster than using the Import process. Honestly, I discovered that by accident several years ago!