Metadata updates for NLP 2.1 beta

One quick request, can you please add “35mm Panoramic” into the Film Format metadata drop down. It’s not urgent, but would be very nice to have as I shoot some panoramic photos. Also it would be useful if we can have Focal Length in 2 formats, standard as you have now and option to additionally enter 35mm equivalent of Focal Length.

Yes, I can add 35mm panoramic - is there a particular panoramic dimension you had in mind? Do you think just one is enough?

Also, a nice little detail, I built it to automatically calculate and add the 35mm equivalent tag to exif based on the format and focal length you input. :slight_smile:

Try it!

Choose a format other than 35mm (like 6x6) and set the focal length inside the NLP metadata section. When you use the Negative Lab Pro export service, if you have it set to write to EXIF, it will automatically calculate the 35mm equivalent and add the tag in the exported file.