Metadata - cannot add 645 Film Format

Hello Nate and fellow NLP community,

I really enjoy using NLP and find especially the Metadata section super helpful to tag my images and be able to sort them.
It’s an super awesome and efficient tool - finally a usable interface for exiftool on OSX and so much more usable to integrate it into Lightroom.

There’s one issue I found now after scanning my first ever 645 roll:

  • when selecting the 645 format it always switches to 35mm panoramic

I did a little video and uploaded it here:

Things I did try:

  • restart Lightroom
  • restart the Laptop
  • upgrade from NLP 2.0 to 2.2

I’m running:

  • OSX 10.14.6
  • Adobe Lightroom Classic 10.11 - Camera Raw 13.1
  • NLP v2.2

any help is apprectiated :slight_smile: