Unknown File Format error

Using LR v6, All NLP functions work perfectly, but whenever I create a TIFF positive after editing a DNG negative, make some edits on the image and then try to save it, I get the following error in LR: “Could not write metadata. Unknown file formats. (1)”.

This happens ONLY if any of the metadata contains the copyright symbol; ©. If I enter all the metadata without the copyright symbol, there are no issues saving the edited tiff. If I edit the error image in Photoshop (cs2), the caption contains © instead of just the copyright symbol. When I remove the Â, save back the file and reload the metadata, I have no issues saving it back to disk. If I remove all instances of the symbol in Lightroom, I still can’t save it. - have to open it and do that through Photoshop file/file info.

I didn’t see this issue prior to v. 2.4.2. Searched for this topic and saw similar, but not exactly the same issues from a few other users.

Thanks @DanM - I think I found the issue. I’m going to guess that you are on Windows? Apparently, I need to tell exiftools to use a different character set when working in Windows to be able to accommodate special symbols, like ©.

I was able to replicate it and fix it, and the fix will be in V3.


Thanks, Nate. Yes, on Windows 11. BTW, Thanks for keeping NLP working on LR6!