Export more exif data from NLP

Hi @nate , in a new version of NLP would it be possible to export (i.e. map to standard exif fields) more of the user specified NLP meta data, i’ve higlighted in the screenshot attached the fields which would be great to have given the information i’ve supplied in LR. Thanks!

Hi @mike,

I’m not sure what program you are using to view that, but those are definitely not standard EXIF tags. You can find the full list of standard exif tags here: EXIF Tags


@nate aw damn, thanks for letting me know!

I was trying to find a good (recent/maintained) GUI for ExifTool, and while googling around some people had suggested AnalogExif (which is the app in my original screenshot). You don’t happen to know of any good standalone ExifTool app GUIs for viewing and/or editing? Also, thanks for EXIF Tags link too!

Either way, thanks for replying & i retract my request! :joy: