Exif data on exported image

I have seen that when exporting an image you have following exif data that is generated by NLP:

Keywords : Film, Negative Lab Pro, 4x5 in., Fomopan Creative, 200, Home Scan, Epson Perfection V850 Pro, Adox Rodinal, 1:50
FilmBrand :
FilmSource :
FilmType :
FilmVendor :
Subject : Film, Negative Lab Pro
WeightedFlatSubject : Film, Negative Lab Pro

I would like to change the Filmxxx Fields with exiftool but it seems that I cannot find the correct exiftool nametag to do this.
So is it possible; and what is the correct nametag for exiftool for this.

Thanks patrick

Hi @PatrickM,

First, I’d definitely recommend looking at the guide to film metadata here if you haven’t already!

How did you scan this? Negative Lab Pro will not add any of those tags to EXIF as none of those tags are a part of the EXIF standard tags (you can see the list here). So instead, it will add the information about the film into the caption.

Some camera and scanner manufactures have their own tags which they add as a part of MakerNotes into EXIF. As I understand it these manufacturer specific tags are not able to be edited directly.


Yes I know how to put metadata in Lightroom and your plug-in. Use this this already its quite handy.

I record all my image info (gps, aperture, shutterspeed, …) into an App called Film Shots. From there I can export/import this in my own web application.
Afterward from my web application I create the exiftool command, that contains most exif fields I need. Save me a lot of work.

Today when checking something I saw the above exif fields, the only thing that has change the last months is an upgrade of Silverfast 8->9.

I’m going to see if there is a difference between these versions.

Well I have done several scans with Silverfast and used all the possible options :slight_smile:

It seems that the ITPC Fields are generated when choosing HDRi, it doesn’t matter if it’s TIFF or DNG.