Eyedropper for reading RGB values

One of the most tedious exercises in using NLP is the lack of some form of eyedropper that will show what the converted RGB values are while you are in NLP. I find myself going back and forth between LR and NLP to adjust the color sliders in NLP, then in LR checking neutral patches in the photo for color balance, back to NLP to adjust, etc. Having an eyedropper tool with RGB readout directly in NLP would be so much more convenient.


If you’re on a Mac, the best way to do this is with the “Digital Color Meter” app that is included in “applications/utilities/digital color meter”

You can use this at the same time as using Negative Lab Pro and Lightroom.

By default, it also shows the color readout of where your mouse is currently, but you can have it “lock” on a certain point by pressing “Command + L”. This way, you lock a point on a neutral spot in your image, and then watch the color reading update as you can the color controls in Negative Lab pro.

Like this… first we lock a point on a neutral area…

And then as we make color adjustments in Negative Lab Pro, you will be able to see a real-time update to the colors at that points we selected in the first step.

I also use this technique a lot if I’m trying to emulate certain styles. I have a video tutorial up on the private Facebook group that I still need to get over to YouTube…

Hope that helps!

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Interesting. I hadn’t thought of something like that. I’m not on a Mac, but I have used similar utilities on Windows in the past. I’ll take a look at what’s out there currently.

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https://github.com/nagilum/dcm seems to be the Windows equivalent.

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