Finishing Lut Tab

Perhaps it would be a good feature to introduce a third tab and drop down list - with a list of pre-installed Luts (maybe user-ones too).
Sometimes when editing my scans, I notice that I am almost there, but there is something missing like a punchy contrast, or even less, or a certain color grading on top to get better blues-yellows-reds or what so ever, sometimes a saturation limit so colors don´t over saturate. Even with reediting and fiddling with all sliders in NLP or afterwards with LR ( wich gives harsh results) it is impossible to get there where I want my files to be. Only by exporting a tiff and editing this file again it is possible. But disc space and double content - you know :slight_smile: So I created a bunch of Luts myself in PS and integrated them in LR. So maybe a selection of useful Luts for different scenarios (contrast, colors, grading) would be an idea? LR is using this already, even with an intensity slider - maybe a good point for integration ( so won´t work with LR6)

I will add a simple punch color/contrast LUT.

Just in case - to integrate this: Export your edited foto to PS via smart layer. Open ACR. Set everything to zero/initial scan except the NLP profile.
Go to the tab where your styles are stored. Alt-click on the little icon next to the trash bin - down right. In the next dialog uncheck everything and load the LUT (Color mode will be ProFoto). Save. Next time you will open LR, you will be able to use it as a new profile.
Do your NLP conversion as normal. Afterward set your new Profile and if you like change some settings again with the NLP dialog.


Yes, I’m planning on integrating specialized LUTs with Negative Lab Pro into a seamless workflow. (There was a bug with the way that enhanced profiles interacted with the SDK that was preventing me with directly integrating, but that is fixed as of LR Classic 8.3.)

The possibilities here are really awesome!

I think it would also be cool to have a sort of “marketplace” for users to purchase and add third party LUTs, made by expert creators (like you!) :slight_smile:

You´re awesome Sir! I am really looking forward to :slight_smile:
by the way quite capable piece of software:

Export settings to Lut would also be nice, to use the results it in different Apps

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Yes, 3DLutCreator is great!

If you want to export LUTs from Lightroom, there is a good Lightroom plugin called Export LUT that I would recommend trying. I’d also recommend LUT Generator by IWLTBAP, which can be used in Lightroom, Photoshop or other applications to build LUTS.

I do use a mix of tools and apps. With Halds its easy to share them between each other. Personally I like to play with my whatsoever edits and blending. For example, in PS you can blend your edits in, just for the darkest or the lightes parts, in Darktable your are even allowed to blend by saturation. To be able to stack all changes in layers and bake it as a LUT is heavens - At least there are uncountable possibilities - unable to do only with LR :slight_smile:

This one is cool too - Mixing contrast and color infos of two different LUTS

THX again for your way of software dev. it is innovative and fresh and you listen to your userbase, thats what is missing at the big players out there … keep on rocking

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