Hair on images - Contax G series

Hi, I’ve noticed a hair on the latest film I put through.
My questions to the pros on this forum are:

If its in exactly the same place, but not exactly the same line, I’m assuming I can conclude it’s a hair and not a scratch?

I notice that the actual hair varies by frame and exposure (depth of field, intensity) so can I conclude it’s not in my neg shooting process (ie. on my negative film holder) but is happening in the actual shooting process?

Assuming it is in the shooting process, could it be on the back of the camera (ie in the film transport) or is it likely to be in the lens? And is there a way to check this?

I’ll post and see what answers I get, and appreciate any help the community can offer.


Surely you would be able to see this on the actual negative in order to confirm whether it was down to your Contax G as opposed to your ‘camera scanning’. It is possible to have a hair inside the film camera of course, though I’ve never had one. To be in focus it would need to be on or near the film plane, if it was on the back of the lens it wouldn’t be in focus. Clearly if it is on the actual film negative and it is still there you would see it if you took the lens off.

If it varies by frame and exposure, it is probably outside both the capture camera and the scanning camera, and probably somewhere on the surface on which you lay the film. It can be very small in its native size, so you may need to look at the substrate with a magnifier.