Having a hard-time scanning 400 speed film

Got some money recently and decided to get some more 400 speed film for once instead of my trusty old Gold.

However when I have been scanning (Portra 400 & Ultramax) I have been having some major issues, essentially I have getting large orange/yellow patch in the center and blue around the edges. I tried to figure out what might be causing this, but all the posts on here boils down to “lens vignetting” which I am not sure how would work considering I am using an Epson v700.

Sometimes it is very prominent and sometimes it is not, which is why I am suspecting that it might have something to do with NLP and its interpretation of the negative.

I haven’t really experienced this really with Gold before, and find that it is especially prominent with Portra 400 (less so with Ultramax for some odd reason). I don’t mind exclusively shooting Gold, but would be lovely to have the option to shoot other film stocks you know. I have not really noticed this being a problem with slower filmstocks (Gold 200, Ektar 100, Portra 160, Colorplus 200)

Maybe your WB is off

Maybe a bit less on the None and Kodak WB setting than the Auto-neutral setting? I am still noticing a bit myself, but I might have just been looking at this for too long. I did just reset all the settings for these 3 so maybe that has something to do with it?

When I did that I also noticed that the film seems to be quite a bit overexposed (my bad). Perhaps that is affecting the conversion to do that?

Thanks for the help, sorry for being a bit dumb with this :sweat_smile:

WB: None

WB: Neutral

WB: Kodak

I guess neutral is good or generally I get good results with auto warm/neutral.
And maybe try different Tones as well.

Have you tried “camera scanning” a negative that produces the mentioned colour disorders?
You don’t need to go all-in for a test shot: sightly tape the negative to a window through which you can see a white surface and take a closeup shot with whatever camera/lens you have. Point the camera so that the negative is not pictured in the center of the “scan” (see below for the “why”)

The goal of this test is to see, if the orange/yellow/blue issue is reproduced or not.

  • if the colour issue is visible as with your Epson scans, the issue is in the negative
  • if the colour issue is visible, but shifted to the side, your lens has added an issue
  • if there is no colour issue, something might be wrong with your Epson scanner/setup/technique…