Help with NegativLabPro Hotkey

NegativLabPro Hotkey, in the Swedish version of Lightroom Classic.
Lightroom Classic is only available in the Swedish version because Adobe only delivers this in Sweden, a subscription, along with Photoshop.
I have tried the prorogram AutoHotkey Script and did not succeed.
I need help to be able to use the Hotkey in this Swedish version.

Have you tried the directions given in the guide?

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled NLP, but nothing fixes the problem. I have installed AutoHotKeys, and am using the script
Swedish #IfWinActive Adobe.*Lightroom.*Develop || Adobe.*Lightroom.*Library ^!N:: Send, {Alt down}a{Alt up}hN Return
But it doesn’t work, speed dial remains without function.

Have you tried with the directions, without AutoHotKeys?