Hotkey fungerar inte i Windows 10?

NegativeLabPro.HOTKEY, does not work in my computer environment ?
I am from Sweden and have a “Swedish keyboard”
I have a Windows 10, PC.
Ctrl - Alt - N does not open NigativLabPro. I have tried with other combinations but no improvement.
In Lightroom with latest version, and “plugin accessories”
everything works very well with negative labpro, but with HOTKEY it is “capput” :rage: :rage:

Hi @svabo

  1. When you say “NegativeLabPro.HOTKEY” are you referring to the “NegativeLabHotkey.exe” file? Please note that there is also a file there with a .ahk extension (which is an editable file for using directly with the AutoHotKey program)
  2. Has the hotkey ever worked for you? Are has it always been unresponsive?
  3. If you temporarily change your language to “English” in the preferences, does the “Ctrl - Alt - N” hotkey then work?


Hi Nate

I have tried points 1, 2 and 3, but this does not help.

(I use google translation software, my English is not that good, If my language is not completely OK).


Bo Svahlin. (svabo)