How to convert tiff scans from a lab

I’ve been using NLP for a while for 35mm, but I don’t have a scanner for 120 so I’ve been having my lab do positive tiff scans, leaving the film unconverted. They are using a Naritsu scanner, and when I asked about the gamma settings they didn’t have an answer. The conversions I’ve done so far have been ok, but I’m wondering what the best practice is.

Should I be using the tiff scan prep utility?

Does anyone know the native gamma settings of a standard naritsu lab scanner?


Welcome to the forum, @jordan

You might find some technical information about gamma in the file’s metadata, or could share an image or two on a cloud/sharing platform like dropbox or for us to check the files for you.

Also check the respective chapter in the guide that you can access at the top of each forum page - or simply try different ways to proceed with NLP.