I need Advice pls

On some videos on YouTube I always saw kodak portra 400 35mm files outputs with very low saturation and washed out colors.
I do really love that kind of editing and final result.
Guys pls if you know how to, could you pls help me to get that result? Light fade cyan on sky, or fade yellow.
Which is the best way using NLP to get there ? Thank you

Can you show an example of a file that’s not how you want it? Lowering contrast and saturation can help after converting.

You have to overexpose your shot to get that look. Try upping brightness in post

Thank you very much but I’m sorry I had to migrate from one machine to another new and it didn’t work well. I found something on YouTube… just for explain better . Thank you for your help

Ok maybe one stop is enough? Anyway thank you

Before doing anything, the first thing you need to ask yourself is whether you want the treatment of the sky to be the same as the treatment for the subject matter of the photos. If not, you will need to mask the sky in LR and make targeted adjustments in LR. The kind of targeting you need is in the LR HSL panel, where you can independently adjust the hue, lightness and saturation of the masked area to get just the result you want, but remember that the controls will work in reverse. Then, if you want other kinds of adjustment for the subject of the photo, in the LR masking panel, do a “Duplicate and Invert Mask” command so that only the remainder of the photo is selected, and make the custom adjustments you want for that part of it. To do this, you need one of the most recent versions of LR with its advanced masking features.

That’s awesome thank you, I still struggling with LrC coz is all inverted, is the opposite of digital, but surely I will. Thank you very much for your time

Nico, to help you over using LR controls in reverse, remember that for all those editing panels that have a TAT (targeted adjustment tool) all you need to do is activate and aim the TAT onto the area of the photo you want to affect, and move it up or down slowly until you see that you are honing-in on the result you want.

Hi Mark, surely is like that, after years of digital photography, I have to get used to analog. Sliders are way more sensible on analog, but is very funny, I love it, more challenging for myself obviously.
Thank you