Terrible Results with Beach/Sea Scenes

Been using NLP for over a year now, and it’s been spectacular for the most part. Ive been having trouble converting beach/ sea scenes

For beach scenes with lots of blue, I usually get an overcooked magenta mess that is very hard to correct. Would you guys mind giving conversions a try. Scans are linked here


I’m happy to take a look at it, but the google drive link is saying it needs permissions to access. Not sure if there is a way on your end to open up permissions so I can access it?


Oops, fixed it the link.
Scans taken on Fuji X-T1 and 60mm 7artisans macro. Light Source is the raleno video light. Im also using the Essential Film Holder.

Ok, that worked, thanks @ymcfar!

If the scene has low dynamic without a clear “black point” in the scene, it can be helpful to include a bit of the unexposed border of the film emulsion (making sure to crop out the film holder and direct light source), and then setting the “border buffer” to 0. This isn’t perfect, but should at least give a better starting point.

From there, you will need to adjust tones and colors to taste. Here, I found that the initial scene converted extremely bright (probably overexposed a bit in the original capture) so I set the tone profile to “linear gamma” and then pulled down the brightness even more.

Looking at the “smudges” in the sky, there definitely appears to be either damage on the film itself, or something that needs fixing in your setup. You might want to try cleaning the light source and the diffusion layer on the Essential Film Holder, and digitizing again.

Hope that helps!

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