Images are too dark

My current setup:
CRI 95 light
Canon r5
100mm Macro

After using the Negative Lab Pro conversion the images look too dark. Is is because I’m exposing the negative a little to bright? When I take pictures of negatives they are generally 1 stop over middle grey.


If you image is very dark after conversion, it usually means that there are some non-film elements that were included in your capture that were not cropped out… for instance, if your film has sprocket holes and some of the direct light from your light table is coming through, or if your film holder is included in the digitization. Make sure that you have cropped out any non-film elements prior to conversion (you can always recrop afterwards to get the crop you want if you want to include those elements).

If that doesn’t solve it, please send me a sample RAW image to and I will take a look to see if something else is going on!