Improved LR integration by com-variables


NLP is great, but nothing is as good that it cannot be improved.

To me, one of the most important things is to spend less time editing and more taking photos. Hence, I want as smooth flow as possible from film to eg my website.

An important aspect of this is to not only share the image but also the path from camera settings to editing parameters. NLP helps with some of this with variables on the form com.nate.photographic.negative. but there are a few settings in the plug-in that cannot be reached from LR to be used in metadata or to build captions etc. These are eg the slider values in the Edit tab, and I propose the simple addition of these as “internal” variables, ie not visiable by default in any LR module, to be used if needed as in the case with eg nlpColorModel.

Thanks in advance,


So, basically, you’d like for every slider and setting in Negative Lab Pro to be accessible as custom metadata? The only issue I see with that is just that it makes the metadata interface more complicated, as there would be 21 potential new fields to add based on all the sliders and settings…

The thing is that I don’t think it’s a great idea to cram the current metadata viewer with all this data, but if you assign variables to the data then any user who wants to create their own tagset or export setup can make use of all NLP settings as wanted via Lua. Currently, only the data you present in the metadata module can be used, but one may also want to keep track of if it was sharpened or if there was any tweaking with colors etc taking place. Now you need to look at the plug-in, write down your settings and then add them to fields like User Comment or create your own metadata fields and manually add the information. Hence, not asking for any fancy stuff but something that would add much for those who want to keep book of everything in LR in an easy way.