Meta data interference with previous plugin

Hi Nate, I’ve just upgraded to 2.1 and looks quite good. I am quite consistent with capturing my equipment information and have been using Jeffrey Friedl’s metadata wrangler tool for a few years. It allows me to group the meta data in a way which helps me work.
With NLP 2.1, it seems to add the meta data for camera and film details on the bottom of it which is a bit distracting.
Is there any way to limit the data shown, to make it less busy.
I am using OSX Sierra, Lightroom Classic 8.4.1. and NLP 2.1.
Thanks for any help on this.

PS. I cannot seem to upload a screen shot here, it loops on 0% without uploading the file.

Hi, working on a video with more info on using the Negative Lab Pro metadata… but make sure you are changing the metadata view to “Negative Lab Pro” like this…


You should then see an organized list like this:

In this view, you can also build your own sets of metadata presets, sync specific metadata across photos, and take advantage of autocomplete and dropdown lists.

If you are using a separate plugin (like metadata wrangler), I don’t believe there is a way for me to change how this custom metadata is presented in his preset. I’m guessing it just appears as a long, unorganized list. I can’t change that, unfortunately.

Hope that helps,

Thanks Nate, I think you misunderstood my question though. I have the way I use my meta data and have been using for many years, so keen to keep the same process I have now. So using the new NLP fields, while I think are a fantastic idea, would require me to move all the meta data I have stored during the years which I don’t want to invest time into.

So I would like to keep using the meta data wrangler, but for some reason it keeps adding the NLP list of fields on the end. I would prefer to remove them if I cannot be selective on them.

Looks like the attachment upload works now, see attached on what I get since I upgraded NLP to 2.1.

Here is another one, with more completed data.

I’m still not sure I understand…

The “default” view in Lightroom metadata should not show the NLP custom fields… how did you get a “theo default” view? Is that something Metadata Wrangler added? If you look at a file that has not been processed with Metadata Wranger, do you see those NLP fields in the “Theo Default” view? If you click the dropdown there, do you still have a regular “default” view that does not show those custom NLP fields?

I’m guessing there is an option somewhere inside Metadata Wrangler for not including the custom fields in the export…

Looking at Metadata Wrangler website, I see they have a “remove any metadata not explicitly listed above” option… maybe that would do the trick…

Otherwise, I’d try setting the options to remove XMP blocks and see if you can narrow down which one it is getting added in.

I’m afraid that’s as much help as I can be here!

Sorry Nate, I don’t think I explained it properly (and misnamed the plugin to boot). My apologies if I sent you the wrong direction.

Starting from the beginning, I have a workflow where I update the file meta data to capture the information for all my film shooting going back 20 years, which includes the Exiftool app. So that is how I get camera, model, lens etc. onto some of the exif data.

I also use a LR plugin called Metadata Viewer Preset manager, by John Friedl. (sorry I called it the wrangler which is another plug in of his I use, I am really sorry if I wasted you time on this). This plug in allows you to group fields you want to see on the side, to give you quick access to the ones you also want to change. It allows you to logically group them too, so they make sense (i.e. file fields together, equipment fields together, descriptions together etc.). You do this through the plug-in manager, of which I have created the ‘Theo Default’ preset:

It also allows you to import other plug in meta data fields and use these in your list of fields. I did this with the NLP plug-in. For my use I only want to use a few of the header NLP ones, as I already have my workflow as I like it and do not want to introduce new fields to it:

I have added these to my list in the file details (I may make a conversion grouping in the future). But as you can see it is not populating them. As you can also see with the next screen shot, I also do not have the whole list added to the end of used list:

But when I reload the plug-in and go to see my list meta data on the side, it does not seem to be able to bring in the NLP ones, and has the whole list down the bottom.

I hope this makes sense now.

My question is, are the NLP meta data fields held somewhere differently to the standard ones. I have not had an issue previously with the other plug in fields, the Metadata Viewer Preset plug-in has been very reliable for the last 8-10 years.

I hope this has explained it better. If still confusing, happy to get onto a Skype or something to discuss.

btw. I do love the new version, it is getting some of the scans converted a lot better, especially where there is a lot of contrast with lots of white, which previously could be problematic! Keep it up mate!


Gotcha… you’d have to ask the maker of the Metadata Viewer Preset manager why it isn’t doing what you’d expect. I use the documented SDK for adding a metadata service provider. If his plugin supports custom plugin metadata, I don’t know of any reason it wouldn’t work as you’d expect.


Ok, looks like we’ve go the bottom of it. When I checked the drop down of the Meta profiles, I noticed there is now two ‘Theo Default’ options. See below:


One that should be where it should, down the bottom, but another one within the Adobe defaults ones. The one within the Adobe ones should not be there, and has somehow been created when upgrading to NLP 2.1, so I suspect some cross plug-in conflict. When I select that one, is when I get the funky list. When I select the one down the bottom I get what I would expect:

So alls good, I will just use the correct one.

In any case, love the plug-in, thanks for the help and have a Merry Christmas mate.