NLP metadata filter?

I think I may botch what I’m trying to ask, but here goes.

While in the Library module in Lightroom, I click on the Metadata pulldown menu on the right-hand side (where there’s also Quick Develop, Keywording, et al). I then select ‘Negative Lab Pro’ as the section to edit metadata. It’s here that I make all my adjustments to equipment, shooting, etc. So far so good.

The other day I wanted to see what shots I had taken with a specific camera. I used the Library Filter to search via Metadata. There you can default filter by Date, Lens, Label, and… Camera. However, my camera is not listed there. (It’s listed under ‘Unknown Camera’ as it appears that my scanner doesn’t write its name.)

Either way, am I doing something wrong? Is the NLP Metadata ‘separate’ from Lightroom/Default metadata? Is there any way to merge NLP metadata to the general/default data? In the end, I was able to do a text search to find my photos, but am not able to filter further. (On that topic, is there a way to add a Metadata field (like Date, Label, etc.) like Film Stock, for example?

Apologies if this made no sense; kind of confused by metadata in general. Thanks in advance!


In the library filters, you need to click on the filter name, and then select from the custom metadata filters towards the bottom.


Wonderful. Thanks so much. (Kind of wish it would merge/embed into the general metadata, but understand why it doesn’t work that way — hence it being custom.)

It will merge into the regular metadata when you export the file (using the Negative Lab Pro export options). The reason I can merge it directly in the original file is that it would throw off how Lightroom interprets the file itself.