Issue with converting negatives

I’ve been having problems converting my negatives. I go to plug-in extras, select my settings, and hit convert negatives, but an error keeps occurring. I’ve attached a screenshot for reference.

I’ve attached a second screenshot for reference. These are the two pop-ups that occur.


It looks like you may have downloaded the Windows version instead of the Mac version. Try removing that version, and downloading the latest Mac version and following the installation steps very carefully.


Not true. I am having the same issue and downloaded the mac version.

Hi @ashleybravick - I believe from your separate post you are having a “permissions” issue which is different… in this case, @ronboyq is having an issue where it says “No such file or Directory” when trying to run it… and looking at the screenshot the path indicates “WIN-NEGATIVE-LAB-v2” in the directory.