Leica SL3 - Missing profiles

Hi there @nate ,

Could you please add support / make a profile for the Leica SL3?


Hi @hidder

Yes! You can now find the Leica SL3 profile in this dropbox (and it will be included in the next release).

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Thanks for the updates @nate

I mostly see camera profiles … and a few scanner profiles for Epson and Plustek devices.
Should those profiles go into the “Vuescan Profiles” folder…or is the distinction between camera and scanner profile folders irrelevant or going away?

It doesn’t really matter from a Lightroom perspective.

The NLP Updated Profiles dropbox is really just meant to be a quick place to grab new profiles which aren’t available yet in the main install package. But in the install package, they will continue to be organized into separate subfolders.