Lightroom face detection not working when converting with NLP?

Hey Guys,

Has anyone else run into the issue of Lightroom Classic’s native face detection not working on NLP converted negatives? This is extremely maddening as as I take lots of pictures of people and would like to leverage this organizational feature.

I’m guessing face detection only works with the actual original version of the file, and being that those are negative scans in this case, LrC can’t actually “see” the person.

The only real workaround I can thin of is to always create standard jpg copies and stack them with the original negatives, but this doesn’t play too well with syncing with Lightroom Cloud :frowning:

Any suggestions here?

I’m having the same issue. I have 4,500 slides I want to use face detection on. I am new to NLP. Any suggestions would be very helpful.