Lightroom transiently losing photos

Hi I have some LNP photos that have come out superbly in lightroom. Thus the development has been perfect. However I find myself needing to re rrange them in the same folder in lightroom… I find that this is causing Lighroom to completely shut down the folder and not display it. I have seen this earlier this morning and I shut down lightroom and later restarted it with everything back to normal. I suspect that this might be lightroom wanting to be left alone and possibly is related to the complex file changes that are involved.
However I thought I should report it as I have not seen this before.

…Lr is not a being but a piece of software intended for us to do things…

As for rearranging images, there are the sort orders and s custom setting that allows any sequence that we like. While shifting images around, we simply need to remember that we’re always dealing with a linear film strip, even if images are seen in a grid…

I sometimes rearrange images by batch renaming in the Finder. Then I sync the folder in Lr and all seems well.