Lightroom Issue

Dear All,

Let me first of all say that it is a great plugin and you can get some amazing results once you figured out the settings that work for you.

However, there is one main issue that, if there is no solution to it, makes this plugin unusable for me. Maybe I do something wrong… Here is my issue: I did crop and white balance all of my negatives and applied the plugin and the images were looking fine. Then I moved the files with the negatives on my hard disk to another folder (within the folder) and once I synchronised the folder in Lightroom all of the setting were gone! This happened twice now! I had 72 images to redo - twice! It cost me like a day of work. So, am I doing something wrong here? I am sorry for my rage, but it is just so frustrating. Is it really not possible to move the files and maintain the crop, white balance and settings from the plugin?

Please let me know if there is a solution to this or if I am doing something wrong etc. Sorry for my frustration but this is just not “ok”…

Thanks & Regards


Just tried to reproduce the issue you’ve got, but everything worked as expected. Images were moved correctly, no settings were lost.

Note: I moved the images within Lightroom.

Thanks for your reply. I moved them on my hard disk and not within Lightroom (like I always do). This way it does not work. It works if you move them within Lightroom - I just tested that and can confirm what you said. I suppose this is ok - even though it kinda sucks if you have to move your folder structure at some point. Thanks for the tip (or fix) - I may do an export once I edited them all just to have a copy.

Moving outside of Lightroom and then syncing in Lr is possible
and should work if you also move the .xmp sidecar files.

Lightroom does not save sidecar files as a default. In order to get sidecar files, you can

  • save them manually or
  • tell Lr to do it automatically

In order to enable automatic update of sidecar files, check the xmp box in the third tab in Lr’s catalog settings. Note that automatic sidecar management can slow down Lr because it has to access your disk more frequently.


If you’re moving or relocating folders in Lightroom and you want to keep all of your previous work and settings on it, the trick is that you need to use the “Update Folder Location” option.

Right-click on the folder that your images were previous in, and select “Update Folder Location.” Then select the new folder location.

This will bring over all the previous edits you’ve made, including the metadata that enables Negative Lab Pro to continue editing your negatives from where you last left off.

Hope that helps!


Thanks so much for this Nate! Truly appreciate it and also many thanks for creating this wonderful plug-in. It truly does create stunning results and gives one a creative freedom that I have not found in any other solution I have tried (of which there are many).