Sync Settings does not work anymore (?)


Negativelabpro is really an incredibly helpful tool - I enjoyed especially the “Sync Settings” function. But unfortunately, it does not work for me anymore (nothing happens when I click the button).

My setting:

  • Windows 10 Home (64 bit), 64GB RAM, more than enough free space on the SSD)
  • Lightroom version: LR 6
  • Negative Lab Pro version: 2.2.0
  • Steps to take to recreate my issue: select a few photos, open NLP, working on the “main” picture", click “Sync settings” to apply the setting to the other marked photos: if I remember correctly, that’s the way it used to work, but nothing happens anymore.

I have found a similar thread but with no answer / solution (Sync settings not working correctly)…

Is there a solution or I am doing it wrong?

Help is very much appreciated.



There is a bug in v2.2 with “sync settings” when working specifically with Black and White. The settings will indeed sync, but the images won’t be updated in their appearance until you re-open the image in Negative Lab Pro. This will be fixed in v2.3.

If you are experiencing this with color conversion, let me know!


Oh, ok! Thanks for the explanation. Makes totally sense. 95% of my negs are in bw.
One more reason to hope that the next release will be published soon :blush:
Thank you very much for the good work.

Hi Nate,

I have to let you know…: I now have the same problem for colour negatives as described for BW (same PC, same setup).

This is really a very big throw back. This messes up completely my workflow; I cannot open every photo individually in order to activate the settings…

Could you give some information about the planed release date for v2.3…?

However, thanks for the terrific software, very helpful!