Sync settings bug with Lightroom 10?


I’m using Negative Lab Pro 2.2.0 and Lightroom Classic 10.0 on macOS Catalina. My usual method of processing a roll of B&W film is to select all 36 images, open Negative Lab Pro, convert to black and white, set the Tones to “LINEAR - Gamma”, click sync settings and then apply. LINEAR - Gamma is the base that I like to start with.

The problem I’m having is after I upgraded to Lightroom 10, Sync Settings seems to be broken. After clicking Sync Settings the images don’t look any different in Lightroom. As soon as I open one of them, however, the image is re-rendered correctly and I see the correct settings in the Negative Lab Pro control panel.

Am I doing something wrong or just found a bug? Anyone else seeing this?


I had the same issue and perhaps it is a bug. My 2011 iMac (running High Sierra) just suffered what may be a fatal failure, but on LR 6.14 and NLP 2.2.0 the “Sync Settings” was broken. I just ordered a refurished 2019 iMac, so it will have to be LR Classic since 6.14 apparently won’t install in Catalina. Like you, when I opened one of the images, the settings were applied.

You can make that your default if you’d like… just have the settings you want as your default, and then click the “Save” button and that will be your default on future conversions.

Hmm, OK, let me look in to this… may be a bug with 10. I’m still on 9.3 and Sync Settings is working as it should.

Hi, just wonering if a solution to this problem was found. I am experiencing the same issue. When I hit sync settings in the NLP plugin interface the settings do not appear to sync. Then when I go to the individual folders and hit ctrl + N to open the NLP interface up the changes appear to the photo preview then I have to hit apply to lock them in. Adds extra steps to a process thats supposed to be quick and seamless

Mac Os Catalina 10.15.7
Lightroom Classic 10.1
NLP 2.2.0