LUTs require a color model

After I convert a photo and the Edit panel comes up, under the WB sliders the “LUTs require a color model” is displayed, but no LUTs. I double-checked and the profiles are installed as per the instruction. The “Color Model” is set to “none” and I have switched off the graphics processor for LR on my MAC. Any ideas on what else to check?

Right. LUTs require a color model. You have selected “none” for color model. Therefore, LUTs are not enabled.

This is because the LUTs need to have the underlying Negative Lab raw profile in order for them to work.

So just unconvert, and select either the “basic,” “frontier,” or “noritsu” color model, and then the LUTs will be enabled.

Super, thank you. I must have misread about the color model needing to be set to none. All is good!
Thanks Nate!