Nikon 8000 ED film scanner

Hello all, to my delight i discovered ViewScan offered a driver that would allow me to get my old Nikon 8000 ED film scanner out of retirement. I have been reading and experimenting with scanning film. I am trying to scan 120 black and white illford hp5 film. Seems my finished scan produces an image with more grain than i remember the film having. I dont think i am scanning with the best settings.
Can anyone suggest a workflow and settings for scanning with the Nikon Cool Scan 8000 ED. that will get the best out of the scanner.

I use my 8000 to scan the negative images as positives, this way they are gamma 2.2 right from the start. You can also scan and save to a dng, just like the vuescan instructions here for flatbed scanners.

Thanks, I sure wish i had a curves or levels adjustment tab, the adjustments available in the driver doesn’t
make since to me, admittedly I’ve not yet studied help menu enough.