Pretty serious banding on my Nikon 8000 scanner. Software related?

I recently acquired a Nikon 8000-ED scanner and I’m trying to scan using the latest version of Vuescan on a Mac. However, I keep getting these crazy amounts of stripes/banding when scanning. The actual image “below” the banding/stripes looks good, so I’m wondering if this could somehow be software related?

I sent Ed from Vuescan en email but the only advice he had was to use the ‘calibrate’ command in Vuescan. I can’t see a difference before or after trying that, though.

Have anyone of you seen something like this? Could there be an issue with the actual scanner or should I try to fiddle around some more with my settings?

I’d certainly try with different scanning settings or -software before assuming a hardware issue. If every software produces the same pattern, you might try to get the scanner fixed (maybe that someone out there has the expertise to do so) or send it back and get a refund…

If none of that works and before you bring the device to recycling, you could also open up the box, get all the dirt out before cautiously wiggling everything that is plugged (not soldered). Maybe it 's a simple contact issue near the optical sensor. Be aware that doing so might completely ruin the device. Having an original service manual might help assess the risk.

I tried Silverfast but it doesn’t want to communicate properly with the scanner. Is there another software that could work? Nikon Scan 4 won’t work on my OS, it seems.

That software is so ancient that it runs on mac os versions 9 and osx version 1 and up according to Nikon. I don’t suppose that you have an old Mac collecting dust that can run such an early release… Getting a refund starts to look like a good idea - unless you get Silverfast to work with the box. The developer might have an earlier version to try out?

I also have a Nikon 8000 running on Win10 with Vuescan, Silverfast and NikonScan (it runs on Win10 if you have installed Silverfast on the same machine using the Silverfast drivers ) and never experienced that. Vuescan is by far my prefered software of the three.
There is a known banding (a regular pattern in shadow areas) problem with the 8000 you can get rid of using the Fine-Mode in Vuescan but this sort of banding has nothing to do with your shown example. I don’t think your banding problem is software-related.

One question, what was the scan-direction of the image? Did it go with the widest side into the scanner or in portrait orientation?
I ask this because a worn out or otherwise affected entry-mechanism can result in such banding. Had a similar issue with my other scanner. But this explanation only would apply if the image went in landscape orientation through the scanner. You would also see then, that the image is not really sharp when zoomed in.

Other (and more problematic) explanations would be a defective ccd or a firewire issue

On the other hand, what maybe speaks for a software related issue is, that some of the banding lines run over the Vuescan-Watermark, which is applied, when the scanning is done.
Maybe you can try different input resolutions (and also take care that for testing all LED RGB values are the same) and output formats. Did you attach a color profile to the output file?
On option you can also play with is the save option in vuescan. You can save the picture while scanning (line by line so to speak) or when the scanning is done

I have same kind of problem with Epson V700. It’s not like that much on scan but when I scan raw with VueScan when I convert to photo I am realizing there’s is line or lines on the photo. Firstly I thought It was about the scanner. Should be some dust on the glass or calibration area but no. For tests I scan the same negative on Epson Software there is no line at all.

Did you solve this problem ? or get answer from someone.