NLP 2.1.2 on LR 9.2.1 cancel rolls back too far

If I cancel out of NLP, it is rolling back the changes it made (correct), but it is also rolling back (at least) one too many items.

For example, let’s say I go to frame X in library grid, and then do a control-A to highlight all images. I realize that was not intended so I click on the image to un-select all images. Go into NLP, let the panel open, do nothing (or do something, doesn’t matter) and cancel out of the NLP panel. At that point it rolls back the individual select and you end up with all images selected.

It really appears to undo most anything – navigation and edits. It’s grabbing one too many things from history I think.

This sounds a bit strange so I did a brief (78 second) video showing it through two different events, here:

Yes, thanks @Linwood - I am aware of this happening in some versions of Lightroom / operating systems. I looked into it a while back and couldn’t find an easy solve, and it seems like a somewhat rare use case to open up Negative Lab Pro and cancel out before making any changes. But I’ll take another look and see!


it seems like a somewhat rare use case to open up Negative Lab Pro and cancel out before making any changes

So it’s not that simple. If I DO make changes, the same thing occurs. Say I make a bunch of tweaks and decide overall I made things worse and want to go back to where I started (this is not an initial conversion but subsequent editing). So quick way back - cancel. Same thing happens.

Also, sometimes bad stuff happens. One case the last event was a delete-rejected. When it rolled back it put the image back in, but the disk file was gone. Started getting all sorts of weird errors before I figured that out. So it’s not always just cosmetic like selects, or navigation.

But I think you are mistaken on the use case – it’s not “do nothing and cancel” alone, it is “do anything and cancel”.

Let me know if you need anything like debug logs or such (and how to get them if there’s not a check box).

Hmm, Ok, that is new to me. I have not seen that reported or happen in the past.

In Lightroom, can you go to “Help > System Info” and then copy/paste that info over to me (you can PM me to keep it private if you’d like).

I’d also be interested to know if this issue persists even if you update to the latest version of Lightroom, and if the issue persists when working in both the “Library” module and the “Develop” module, or if it is happening in just one of the modules.


OK, testing as I write:

Navigated in library, grid to a thumbnail (#10) from #2, opened NLP from the menu, changed brightness all the way dark (to be very visible), hit cancel. It rolled back the brightness and also changed back to #2 so yes, it does it even after changes.

From Library, I went into loup with an image. I made a metadata change (added a keyword). Went into NLP and changed brightness to full left. Cancelled. Brightness of the image reverted and the keyword disappeared. So it’s reverting there also.

Went into develop for the same image. Did a heavy post crop vignetting so I could see it. Went into NLP and went full left on brightness, cancelled… this time the NLP change reverted but the post crop vignette did not. Tried it again with a strong de-haze. NLP and cancel – again, did not roll back.

So it appears to happen from Library not Develop, at least for me.

I am on the latest (released) LR, 9.2.1.

I’ll PM the System Info.

By the way, I am not using the hot key to invoke it, I run it from File, Plugins Extras each time.

I have exactly the same issue and I’m on Lightroom 8.4.1, so no version dependant. Cancelling on NLP also undoes the previous step done in Lightroom. And I do that very often, just to check what settings I used on an image.

Ok, thanks @Linwood and @justonfilm!

I have a fix that will be in v2.2 - at least for licensed users. Users who are still in trial mode may still experience this in some circumstances until they register (just based on the mechanisms I use during trial.)


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Brilliant. Thank you for fixing it!

Indeed, thank you. I’m trying to remember to do things in develop mode to be safer.

Looking forward to it.