How to back up from where I had gone

This is no complaint about the program. I was proceeding normally and just before accepting the output, I thought I would sharpen all of the images and then accidentally clicked on using all of the settings from the first image for all of the batch that I was processing. Not what I wanted as it caused all of the images to be too dark. So I thought I would start again and reset all of the images. However when tried to convert the images once again. The system remembered the old settings and made all of the images even darker than they were before.How do I tell it to forget what it had previously done and start from scratch on this particular set of images. It doesn’t realise that I made a mistake and I don;t know how to talk to it.

In Lightroom, you can backtrack some of the steps in the protocol tool: Select the protocol position that shows the expected rendering, then right-click on that step and remove protocol entries above.

Caveat: Depending on how you adjusted settings in NLP, it might work or not.

For a complete reset, go to NLP’s first tab, un-convert the image, convert and adjust It again…

Thanks for your reply. I did not get notification of it. I had tried unconverting but the programme still remembered the previous settings. I finally solved it by removing all of the problem images, then stopping and then reimported them into lightroom. I don’t remember if I also restarted lightroom before doing that., However that then allowed Neg Lab Pro to start from scratch and come up with its usual great conversions. On similar topic I had been loading 6 rolls of negatives at a time and had been separating them with a colour marker, I suddenly became concerned that these markers were destabilising the conversion settings if I scanned them when I was processing multiple films in each batch. I now make certain to not include these markers or replace them. I think that might be the case as the images now seemed to be even better though I can’t quantitate this.