NLP doesn't convert single images anymore, Lr 12.0.1, Windows 11

What the title says. When selecting and converting a single negative, nothing happens. Strangely enough, converting twice does seem to work.

Selecting and converting multiple images works just fine.

I tried this on two machines, both with Windows 11 and Lightroom 12.0.1. One machine had a fresh Lightroom installation, so maybe it’s the new Windows 12.0.1 version that came out in October.


It is still converting, there is just a bug in LrC 12 that makes it so it is isn’t immediately displaying the changes. You should be able to adjust any slider and you will then see it display the conversion (or if you apply the conversion, then reopen in NLP, it will also display).

Also, I do have a fix for this that will be in v2.4, which I’m hoping to release in the next few days.

You can also downgrade your version of LrC to v11 if you’d like to get the correct behavior.



Good to know–thanks Nate! Glad to hear there’s a new NLP version coming out soon!

Same here, just installed the 12.0 lightroom version and the convertion doesn’t apply directly.
I have to click again on Control+N for that the conversion appear.
Make all the process really long, hope the next version will fix that,

This issue should now be fixed as of v2.4.0.