NLP Enhanced Settings in Presets list

I just want to confirm the intended use of these presets. Are they meant to be applied after the image has been converted and tweaked in the NLP dialog to enhance it a bit? I understand that the same adjustments can be made through the NLP dialog, but this seems like a shortcut and an easier way to browse through the list, doesn’t it?

Also, there are several versions of the same preset:

  • NLP-2.3
  • NLP-Camera
  • NLP-RawScan
  • NLP-Tif

I understand that the last three refer to the source, but what does NLP-2.3 represent?

Hi @hiroh

These enhanced presets aren’t meant to be applied directly… but they have to be there in the preset panel for NLP to have access to them. NLP automatically applies the correct one based on your scan type, HSL (lut) selection, and saturation selection.

If you make any changes to this outside of NLP, it will be overwritten if you open NLP in the future to do further editing on your image, so I highly recommend using NLP to make the selection.


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Got it, thanks. So, if I shouldn’t use them, can I hide them in the Manage Presets dialog? Would that prevent NLP from accessing them?

Don’t hide them. That will prevent NLP from accessing them.

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