NLP Tiff prep to help with editing slide film


I’m using a Plustek 8100 scanner with Silverfast 8.8. I’m scanning some slides as DNGs in 48 bit HDR Raw and then editing in Lightroom 6. Since Silverfast no longer allows you to change the gamma for HDR Raw scans (I’m assuming because they want you to use their HDR program to edit the resultant files), these DNGs are appearing quite dark in Lightroom, as they have a gamma value of 1.0. In Lightroom, unlike Photoshop (as I understand it), there’s also no option to adjust the gamma value.

So what I’m wondering is whether NLP could help find a workaround to this if I scan these slides as 48 bit HDR Raw Tiffs, instead of DNGs. Am I right in thinking that I could then use the NLP Tiff Prep Utility to change the gamma of these scans to 2.2 and so make them suitable for editing in Lightroom? And would using the Tiff Prep Utility potentially have any negative consequences for slides, besides just changing the gamma value?

Any advice would be really appreciated, many thanks.