NPL "crazy" behavior + santa color question

Hi there!
I’m experiencing some really strange behavior from NLP.
I was scanning some normal Portraits 160 35mm film using my Sony A7iii, in a Mac.
I’ve imported all the RAW files from from roll to LR, cropped and set the white balance.

When converting all the frames it gives me insane results - totally blown and crazy colors.
But when I convert it one by one it works fine, until I want to edit it again (with NLP) and it somehow jump back to the bad result even though I didn’t even change anything?…

Beside that I experience all kinds of unexpected behavior such as sometimes I’ll try to un-convert an image and it will get “stuck” in the positive form, but NLP will tell it needs conversion.

It looks like something got wrong with my software. Should I uninstall and reinstall NPL, or any other solutions?
NLP became unusable and I really hope to find a solution…

Besides that - another unrelated issue is that I was trying to convert Santa Color and got really bad results. I know the base is different and that throws it off, but is there a way to still get decent results with NLP?

I got perfect results using the same Raw files with manual conversion in PS, so it’s not the scan/files.

Thanks in advance!

Hey – Welcome David!

I’ve no experience with Santa Color, so can’t comment on that.

As for NLP and Lightroom behaving weird, I had this issue in the past too. What fixed it was to “Restore preferences to default settings” in LR. Here’s how:

What version of Negative Lab Pro are you on? Make sure you are on V2.4.2. Some of the behavior you are describing sounds like a bug with batch conversion that was in v2.4.0.

And as @cvandebroek suggested, it might be a good idea to reset your Lightroom preferences prior to running the update installer.


Thank you both for your helpful tips!
I somehow missed the fact there was a newer version…
I’ve reset LR and updated NLP and from a quick glance it looks like it did the trick :slightly_smiling_face:
Thanks again!

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Good deal! Glad that worked for you :raised_hands:


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