Photo Discoloration Issue

Hey everyone,

I am new to photography and started my journey with film. I’ve starting developing / scanning film for the first time and my first 3 roles turned out fine, however my last 3 color roles have had some discoloration around the edges. This was developed with Cinestills Simplified Color Kit over the course of a month, and scanned with my Fuji x-t20 then processed with Negative Lab Pro.

Roles of Film with Issue:

  • Portra 160

  • Portra 400

  • Metropolis 400

I’m having a really hard time diagnosing where the discoloration is coming from and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Example Photos:

What exactly do you see as a problem? Your example looks totally plausible imo.

hi i have the same problem too

So in the first / last photo you can see the close trees and bottom of the frame don’t really look green and are shifted compared to the top half, the fourth and fifth photo it seems the left and right edges of the frame shift to magenta, and the second / third photo the top / right side of the frame have some magenta as well.