Problem with blue pictures after conversion

Hi, I’m Jürgen
I have a strange problem with the conversion resulting sometimes getting nearly blue pictures.
System: LR CC, Negative Lab pro 2.3
I’m converting all my old negatives using a Pentax K10D with macro lens and the system from Kaiser.
Especially on Agfa negatives I’m sometimes getting besides good pictures strange blue ones using the same settings (standard).

Next Picture on the film

What is going wrong???
as I can put only one picture it is difficult to descibe

Thanks for any help in advance

Some more information what I have done:

In the first row you see 2 negative shots taken with unchanged settings only the black border is cut off.
I made the same white balance based on the unexposed film for both negatives (synchronized by LR)
Then I used Negativelab pro with standard settings getting the pictures in row 2.

In row 3 you see a part of the LR menu bar showing good and blue pictures taken the same way as described. About 25 percent of the pictures are blue. I have done about 1000 pictures using Kodak, Agfa and Fuji films, but it happens only to Agfa films (up to now)

Does anybody have an idea???


This is very odd…

I do notice in your first picture that the “profile” is shown as Adobe Color. After using Negative Lab Pro, the profile should show “Negative Lab v2.3” (unless you selected “none” as your color model). I’m don’t think that would cause this blue issue, but could be causing other issues.

To fix the blue, try this: select just a picture that turn out blue, and open Negative Lab Pro, go to “Advanced” tab and try setting the Curve Pnts to “Smooth” – see if that fixes it.

If that doesn’t fix it, can you email me a RAW to, so I can see if I can recreate on my system, or if it converts OK on my system.


H Natei,
Yes it’s really odd,
Thank you for your proposal, I will send you some raw files (good and blue) as the changing to smoth doesn’t help. Hope you can find a solution